Demand is high for skilled and qualified overseas employees in Australia. As an employer, you want the best employees for your organisation, whether they're local or international. The application process can often be very complicated and confusing. However, we are able to advise, plan and assist you through the entire process.

At your service is our team of immigration lawyers who have more than 40 years of combined experience in Australian immigration law. Whatever your immigration needs may be, you can be confident that our dedicated team will have the right solution for you. As an Accredited Specialist with the Law Institute of Victoria, we are able to guide clients through the entire range of immigration matters, from visa application stage to appealing of visa decisions at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (previously called the MRT) .

We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of the Australian Immigration Framework. Our multi-lingual and culturally diverse team is experienced in assisting clients all over the world, from the Asia Pacific region to Europe and the Americas.

Demand is high for skilled and qualified overseas employees in Australia. There are a range of Temporary and Permanent Employer Sponsor Visas available. These visas allow the applicant to be sponsored by an employer to work in Australia.

The application process can often be very complicated and confusing. However, we are able to advise, plan and assist you through the entire process. Our client base ranges from large multinational companies to small start-ups and our vast experience will ensure that you receive the best advice to suit your needs. We focus on providing a solution based approach as each application is unique.

Some of the Employer Sponsor Visa options include:

457 Visa

The 457 visa is a temporary work visa that allows the applicant to work for up to four years in Australia. The employer must firstly obtain a sponsorship status to be able to nominate a position and fulfil various sponsorship obligations. Generally, the application process only takes a couple of months, providing an efficient way to manage a business’s human capital.

186 – Employer Nomination Scheme (Permanent)

The 186 visa is a permanent work visa and once granted, will allow the visa applicant to become an Australian permanent resident. There are two streams to qualify for this visa application (temporary residence transition stream or direct entry stream) and an eligible employer may sponsor an employee through either stream. The application processing time is generally longer than the 457 visa but this visa is permanent once granted. The 186 visa is a very popular permanent visa.

187 – Regional Sponsorship Migration Scheme (Permanent)

The 187 visa is a regional sponsored visa and is available for employment in regional Australia. Similar to the 186 visa, it is a permanent visa and the applicant requires a sponsor (employer). To be eligible for a 187 visa, the application must be approved and supported by a regional certifying body. The processing for this visa is generally fast.

There are a variety of business visa options for those who wish to invest, purchase, establish, manage and/or conduct businesses in Australia. These are available on both a short-term and long-term basis, and will provide prospective migrants with the right to live and work in Australia. In most cases, business visas may assist in establishing a pathway to permanent residency.

Agile's team of expert lawyers can advise and assist in selecting and obtaining the best business visa to suit your requirements. Many factors will be considered, such as the type of business activity, type of investment and intended length of stay. Our Immigration Specialists can help you to determine which business subclass is the most applicable to your needs.

188 Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

The Significant Investor Visa is a specific type of Business Innovation and Investment visa which is targeted at allowing high net-worth individuals to migrate to Australia. Nomination by a State or Territory Government is essential.

We can advise clients on how best to achieve government nomination and approval, as well as the specific requirements that will need to be met. These include the prescribed types of investment and the conditions necessary to subsequently qualify for a permanent residency visa. Our migration agents will tailor each application to your specific needs.

888 Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

A permanent visa, this visa can be applied only if you are a holder of a visa 188 SIV and have met certain conditions as stipulated by the Immigration.

The requirements ranges from the level of investments that you have held to the the number of days you have been in Australia.

188/888 Business innovation and investment Visa

This visa is specially designed for people with proven business skills who want to establish and run a business in Australia or for investors who wish to invest in Australia. The 188 visa is a temporary visa for up to four years with an option to renew. This is a recognised pathway for a permanent 888 visa upon satisfying certain requirements.

132 Business Talent Visa

The 132 visa allows you to establish or develop a new business in Australia. Designed to promote business in Australia, there are two streams. The general requirements for the specific visas are:

Significant Business History
  • Ownership of a business with a turnover of at least AUD 3 Million
  • Net Assets of at least AUD 1.5 Million
Venture Capital Entrepreneur
  • Received funding of at least AUD 1 Million by a member of the Australia Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL)


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