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At Agile Legal, we're committed to providing first-class legal advice and services over a range of legal
matters from an established, innovative and solution-oriented firm.


Being a solution based firm. We look at your issue from every angle and maximise your situation for find the best possible solution. We know every client is different and demands different action and strategy. 


We are an Accredited Immigration Law & Blockchain Specialist firm, one of few in Victoria. As a lawyers-only firm with over 20 years experience in Immigration and Commercial Law and a wealth of knowledge in Blockchain law, we can provide a fully tailored legal solution.


Being a multicultural, multilingual firm, servicing a diverse community. Our staff speak multiple languages and are aware of cultural intricacies and nuances to best service your individual needs. 


We understand that people are mobile in a global society. We utilise and maximise the use of technology to offer an efficient and effective platform to provide expert legal advice, irrespective of whether our clients are local or around the world.

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Accredited Immigration Law Specialists

We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of the Australian Immigration Framework. As Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law, we will guide clients through even the most difficult immigration matters. 

Blockchain Law Specialists

A critical aspect of Blockchain technology is adhering to the regulatory requirements. Failing to adhere to Blockchain regulatory requirements can have severe consequences for your project. Consequences may include the requirement to cease operations, the mandatory refund of seed, cornerstone and public sale rounds or the requirement to obtain a costly Australian Financial Services License. We are committed to providing you with reliable, Blockchain relevant legal advice based on your needs and wants.  With Agile Legal you can rest easy with the knowledge that your project will be guided by our highly experienced Lawyers. 



 *Please note this article is based on Australian regulations.

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  • We're immigration experts

    We're committed to providing you with the best and latest advice on your immigration issues. With over 20 years of experience in immigration law, you can feel confident in our knowledge and expertise.

  • Blockchain Experts

    We have worked with businesses across the Asia Pacific region to resolve complex Blockchain issues. We are here to ensure your projects are compliant and viable from a business perspective.

  • We work smarter

    Agile Legal Consulting is a smarter law firm. We utilise and maximise the use of technology to provide comprehensive, client-focused solutions for our clients in all areas of law.



We have grown to become one of the leading Australian law firms, servicing clients throughout the Asia Pacific region. Agile Legal Consulting is the refreshed brand of our former practice, Tan & Tan Lawyers & Consultants. We are passionate about preserving the good from the old, but moving forward to building a better future.