Australia opening doors for Hong Kong

Australia opening doors for Hong Kong


On 9 July 2020, Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced special arrangements for Hong Kong passport holders who are currently in Australia, as well as future applicants seeking to migrate to Australia.

Although all details are yet to be known, here is a summary:

Current, Former and Future Student Visa Holders

  • Upon completion of their studies, current student visa holders from Hong Kong will be eligible for a 5-year temporary graduate visa with a pathway to obtaining permanent residency thereafter.
  • The 5-year temporary graduate visa will also be available to any future students from Hong Kong.
  • Former student visa holders who have completed their studies and who are already on a temporary graduate subclass 485 visa will be eligible to extend their visa for a further 5 years from 9 July 2020. The 5-year extension is in addition to the time they have already been in Australia. Likewise, these students are eligible for permanent residency at the end of the 5-year period.
  • Additional concessions will continue to be given to students who study at a regional campus with access to permanent residency given after 3 years.

Current and Future Temporary Skilled Visa Holder

  • Current temporary skilled visa holders from Hong Kong – which includes Subclass 482 and 457 visa holders – will be eligible to extend their current visa for 5 years from 9 July 2020. They will also have a pathway to permanent residency thereafter.
  • Any future Subclass 482 visa holders will also be eligible for a 5-year visa; however, they must continue to satisfy the following requirements:
    • Nominate an occupation on the relevant skills list and comply with Labour Market testing requirements; OR
    • Qualify through the Global Talent temporary scheme. This requires a salary that is above the Fair Work High Income Threshold, which is currently $153,600 plus superannuation per annum.
  • These visa holders will also be entitled to apply for a permanent visa after 5 years.

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