Blockchain Law

Agile Legal Consulting is one of the leading law firms in Australia advising in the area of Blockchain, FinTech and emerging technologies.

We are expert advisors in cryptocurrency, initial coin offerings and security token offerings. We have advised and assisted many blockchain-based businesses and digital currency exchange providers to navigate the legal and commercial landscape in both Australia and globally.

Our team has in-depth practical knowledge about the blockchain industry and we are able to assist clients with matters ranging from drafting Whitepapers to tokenising of securities.

» Digital Exchange

Digital Currency Exchanges or CryptoCurrency Exchanges are a fast-emerging market within the blockchain space. It can be difficult for individuals to establish a Digital Currency Exchange on their own and meet compliance with relevant regulators. Agile Legal can advise and help you through the digital exchange set up process ensuring international compliance and compliance with the jurisdiction you have incorporated in. 

  • Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing advice and documentation

  • Digital Currency Exchange Advisory

  • International Digital Currency Exchange set-up

  • International Digital Currency Exchange Compliance

  • Drafting of various documentation required by a Digital Exchange

  • Digital Currency Audit

  • Listing Audit

  • Trademarking

  • Intellectual Property

» Tokenised Securities

Recently, many projects that have released a token or digital coin to the public have been seen to unlawfully distribute a security. It may be difficult for an individual to distinguish between a security and a digital currency. We can assist you in every stage of the Security Token Offering.

  • Auditing your project to determine if you are offering a security

  • Advising on Security Token structuring

  • Providing procedural advice

  • Providing costing advice

  • Preparing and lodging application for relevant licensing

  • Providing listing advice

» Digital Currency Development

Within Australia, Digital Currency is considered to be a store of economic value that has not been issued by a government body. Currently, a Digital Currency falls outside the definition of a Financial Product or Security. We can assist you at every stage of a Digital Currency’s development – from company formation to Digital Currency Distribution.

  • Jurisdictional Guidance

  • General Advice

  • White Paper Appraisals

  • White Paper Drafting

  • Equity Distribution Documentation

  • Provision of Legal Opinions

  • Drafting of Terms and Conditions

  • Drafting of Disclaimers

  • Drafting of Privacy Policy

  • Drafting of User Agreements

  • Due Diligence Drafting and Appraisal

  • Digital Currency Structuring

  • Tokenomics

  • Know Your Customer Advice and Document Drafting

  • Drafting of SAFTs

» Regulatory Compliance Advice

The commercial regulatory environment is changing with the development of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. Relevant Government bodies including ASIC and AUSTRAC regulate Digital Currency and Security Tokens in Australia. This means, projects releasing Digital Currencies or Security Tokens operating or incorporated in Australia will be required to adhere to the relevant regulations. We can help you understand and reach compliance with Australian regulations to ensure your Digital Currency or Security Token runs smoothly.

  • Australian specific Tokenomic advice

  • Maltese Tokenomics

  • Regulatory Advisory

  • Corporation Compliance

  • Financial Product Compliance

  • Security Token Compliance

  • Due Diligence

  • KYC, CTF and AML Compliance

» Cryptocurrency Litigation

In recent years we have seen rapid growth in the area of digital currency. However, the first few years of this new financial technology have been unsettled, resulting in a number of disputes and litigation. Disputes involving digital currency can occur in a number of situations.

  • where there is breach of contract;

  • where a claimant is trying to recover Bitcoins or access to a private key;

  • where a criminal matter has occurred, such as fraud or money laundering;

  • where a party is allegedly using digital currency to hide assets;

  • where a party is allegedly concealing assets in the course of commercial litigation;

  • where there is an issue of company or commercial law; and

  • where there are intellectual property issues, such as patents.

At Agile Legal Consulting, our lawyers specialise in Blockchain, FinTech and Commercial Litigation and we are are well placed to assist with any contentious matter you may become involved in.

» In-House Legal Counsel

Are you a blockchain startup or business in need of quick, ready access to legal advice, but don’t have an in-house legal counsel? Do you need an in-house legal counsel but do not want to commit to an additional full-time headcount? We can provide in-house counsel services and customise the level of legal support you need, which enables you to have access to dedicated legal service at a fixed monthly price.

  • Dedicated legal advisors

  • Board support

  • Company secretarial services

  • Contract drafting and negotiation

  • Day-to-day legal affairs

  • Strategic risk advice

  • Litigation management

  • Advice to management and senior executives

We are adept at learning business dynamics, have an appetite for risk and profit drivers, and can become an integral member of your team.