Buying or selling a business is a significant decision but we can assist you to achieve the best outcome for your interests.

There are a number of factors that should be considered when purchasing or selling a business. For example, buyers should ensure that the business has registered ownership of its intellectual properties and that the proposed business structure is the most appropriate for them. They may also need to verify that any existing lease or licensing agreements are transferable and of sufficient length. Sellers should become aware of any GST or capital gains tax that is applicable and negotiate with the buyer on any length of assistance periods.

We will advise you on all of these considerations and guide you through every step of the sale or purchase. Our experienced team can provide efficient solutions to your legal needs, including:

  • Advice on the proposed purchase structure (e.g. sole trader, partnership or company)

  • Prepare or Review Contract of Sale

  • Negotiate on terms of the contract

  • Liaise with finance providers

  • Transfer of any existing leases or equipments

  • Licensing (e.g. liquor licensing)