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Commercial Law

We Care For Your Business Just As Our Own

There are a number of legal requirements to consider when conducting a business in Australia. Whether you are starting, running, growing or exiting a business, we are able to assist you and work with you as a team. We understand that lawyers may sometimes get in the way of business, so our solution-based approach will ensure that you achieve your goal in the most efficient and effective way. Our commercial acumen will also help you to identify potential risks and plan strategies to manage and minimise those risks.

» Business Structuring

When starting your own business, it is important to consider the best formation and structure for you. By choosing the right business structure, you can run your business to suit your needs, where you will be able to reduce time and cost expenditures and as a result, become more profitable. Whether you want to operate as a sole trader or through a complex trust structure for assets protection, we are able to assist you.

  • Company

  • Partnership

  • Joint Venture

  • Discretionary & Family Trust

» Buying & Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business is a significant decision but we can assist you to achieve the best outcome for your interests. There are a number of factors that should be considered when purchasing or selling a business. For example, buyers should ensure that the business has registered ownership of its intellectual properties and that the proposed business structure is the most appropriate for them. They may also need to verify that any existing lease or licensing agreements are transferable and of sufficient length. Sellers should become aware of any GST or capital gains tax that is applicable and negotiate with the buyer on any length of assistance periods. We will advise you on all of these considerations and guide you through every step of the sale or purchase.
  • Advice on the proposed purchase structure (e.g. sole trader, partnership or company)

  • Prepare or Review Contract of Sale

  • Negotiate on terms of the contract

  • Liaise with finance providers

  • Transfer of any existing leases or equipments

  • Licensing (e.g. liquor licensing)

» Commercial Contracts & Agreement

Drafting a concise and effective agreement can protect your rights in a commercial transaction. No matter what your focus is, we will help you to achieve your goal by advising on the most suitable strategy through careful planning, drafting and negotiations.

We have considerable experience with commercial matters.

  • Shareholders Agreement

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Licence Agreements

  • Supply Agreements

  • Franchising Agreements

  • Employment Contracts, policies and procedures

  • Business Succession Agreements

  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

» Franchising

Franchising is where the owner of the business (franchisor) allows another business (franchisee) to operate under their name and brand, and sell their products or services for a specified period.

Franchising could be rewarding for business owners who are looking to expand their business, while buying a franchise could be a good alternative to starting a new business. However, it is important that the right legal processes are followed. Franchising is regulated by the Franchising Code of Conduct and franchisees will be bound to run the business according to the terms of the franchise agreement.

We can help you with all facets of franchising at any stages:


  • Advise on setting up business

  • Preparation of the business structure and policies

  • Advise and protection of your intellectual property

  • Setting up the proper structure and contracts


  • Advising and preparation of franchise agreements

  • Drafting of all legal documents such as service agreements

  • Stewardship of the sale process


  • Advise on the franchise agreement

  • Setting up your company and trust if required

  • Preparation of your company structure and policies

  • Advice on licenses and permits


  • Preparing and reviewing Franchise agreements

  • Franchising Code of Conduct

  • Resolving franchise disputes

  • Franchising penalties and infringements


Digital Currency Exchange Providers

Digital Currency Exchange Providers

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Switch to English 澳洲總理莫里森於2020年7月9日,宣布最新政策調整。該政策調整主要針對目前在澳洲居住以及未來尋求移民到澳洲的香港公民,提供安全庇護以及留在澳洲的途徑。 學生簽證 【如果你現在持有學生簽證】 在完成學業後,你將有資格申請為期5年的臨時畢業生簽證 (temporary graduate visa),並獲得申請永久居留權的途徑。 在偏遠地區校園學習的學生們可獲得額外優待,即移居3年後可申請永久居留權。 【如果你曾經持有學生簽證】 由2020年7月9日起,已完成學業並持有485簽證 (temporary graduate subclass 485) 的學生們可將簽證延長5年。這5年的延期不包括該學生之前待在澳洲的時間。 學生在5年期結束後同樣擁有申请永久居留權的資格。 【如果你正準備申請學生簽證】…
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