How to sponsor someone for a 457 Visa

How to sponsor someone for a 457 Visa

The 457 visa exists to help employers overcome local skills shortages. It’s a temporary visa that allows a non-citizen to live and work in Australia for up to four years. As an employer, you are responsible for sponsoring someone to work for your organization in Australia.

If your business is outside of Australia, you can still sponsor someone on a 457 visa. This is to allow your business to expand into Australia. You can self-sponsor a director or officer if your business is a company because a company is a separate legal entity from its owners.


There are three main requirements you need to fulfill to be eligible as a sponsor:

  1. Operate lawfully

  2. Have no relevant adverse information against your business

  3. Demonstrate a commitment to the local workforce and have made an effort to hire locally


In most cases, you will be hoping to become a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS). The other option is valid if the role you are after isn’t on the Skilled Occupation List. In this case, you’ll need to negotiate a labor agreement with the government.

To become an SBS, your business needs to:

  • Demonstrate a solid history or is committed plan to employ local labor

  • Ensure it won’t discriminate in the application process

  • Meet various training requirements


Once you’re an approved SBS, you have to fulfill certain requirements to meet the legalities for the visa such as:

  • Cooperate with inspectors

  • Ensure equivalent terms and conditions of employment

  • Keep records and provide them to the Minister

  • Tell the Department when certain events occur (such as termination of employment)

  • Ensure the visa holder actually does the work outlined in the nominated position

  • Pay travel costs to enable sponsored people to leave Australia

  • Pay costs to remove unlawful non-citizens (people who’ve stayed beyond their visa)

  • Provide training to Australians and permanent residents

  • Not engage in discriminatory recruitment practices


Your nominated 457 visa employee needs to provide the Department with their details during the application process, but as a basic outline, they must:

  • Have recognized qualifications

  • Have a role relevant to the Skilled Occupation List

  • Speak a sufficient level of English

  • Meet registration and licensing obligations

  • Meet health requirements

  • Have adequate health insurance

  • Meet character requirements

Hiring an employee on a 457 visa can be a great idea for you and your business. While the process can seem a little intimidating, we can make a bit simpler and stress-free.

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