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Jensen ma

managing partner - immigration law

Jensen Ma is the Founder and Managing Partner of Agile Legal Consulting, and was previously a partner of Tan & Tan Lawyers and Consultants.

Jensen is an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist with the Law Institute of Victoria with over 20 years experience across immigration, commercial and business law.

He is the immediate past Chair of the Migration Law Advisory Committee and has served on the Specialisation Immigration Advisory Committee of the Law Institute of Victoria, and the board of Tabor College Victoria since 2004.


“I have been associated with Jensen since 2009 when I was preparing to lodge my application for Australian permanent residency. When I attended his presentation at Melbourne Business School on Australian immigration policy and rules, I was very impressed and decided to take his help in my immigration campaign. I found him to be very flexible, courteous and client-oriented as he resolved my issues during the time of application as if they were his own. He is very professional, competent and thorough. I have always been impressed with his work ethic, speed and knowledge of the immigration laws and rules. During last 3 years, Jensen promptly kept me abreast of the changes to the rules and how to mitigate their effects. I have a few colleagues who lodged their application through Jensen and all have tremendous praise for him. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is seeking immigration assistance. “


“Jensen helped my family and I in the process of applying for and receiving permanent residence in Australia. At all times Jensen showed great integrity, skill and attention to detail. His services were great value for money and Jensen was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.“

Mike lowe