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Spouse and Partner Visa

There are a range of partner visas available for applicants who wish to migrate to Australia and be reunited with their Australian partner. De facto and same sex partners are eligible to apply under this scheme.

Temporary and Permanent Partner Visa

The temporary and permanent partner visa scheme is available for married and de facto couples, either whilst the visa applicant is in Australia or offshore. If the application is applied for while the visa applicant is in Australia, he or she is permitted to live in Australia with their Australian partner for the duration of visa processing. The visa applicant will also be granted full work rights.

Unless the relationship meets the definition of a 'long term relationship', the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will initially grant a temporary partner visa before considering the grant of the permanent visa. Generally, temporary partner visa holders are invited to provide further supporting evidence of their continued relationship with their Australian partner after two years.

Partners visas fall within a rare category of visa which applicants may apply, even if they do not currently hold a valid Australian visa. Our specialised team listen to your circumstances and tailor a legal submission to accompany every visa application. We value the importance of reuniting and keeping partners and family together, and in believing so, ensure that each application is presented to best display on paper your relationship.

Prospective Spouse Visa

special temporary visa is available for those intending to marry in Australia. This visa must be lodged and granted while the visa applicant is offshore, and will be granted on condition that the visa applicant marries his or her Australian partner within a specified timeframe. Once in Australia, the visa applicant may proceed to lodge the partner visa application

Parent Visa

The parent visa scheme allows Australian permanent residents or citizens to sponsor their parents to Australia. Upon visa grant, the parents will be entitled to live in Australia on a permanent basis, and may be eligible to access certain governments benefits such as Medicare. A fundamental eligibility criteria that each parent visa applicant must meet is the Balance of family test. Depending on where the visa applicant is at the time of lodgment, and depending on the visa subclass, parent applicants may be required to meet the age requirement.

Broadly, there are two parent visa categories, contributory and non-contributory.

Contributory parents visa, although are processed within a few years, have significantly higher application fees. The non-contributory parent visas are subject to capping and queuing which means that it may be several years before the visa is granted.

Child Visa

A child visa allows an eligible Australian citizen or permanent resident parent to sponsor their child to live with them in Australia indefinitely. Generally, child applicants must be below 18 years of age, and evidence to demonstrate the parental relationship must be provided.


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