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Immigration law is ever-changing and we understand that it can be a challenging process to navigate. We are a lawyer-only immigration law team led by an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist, which means that we have in-depth knowledge of the Australian Immigration Framework. 

Our experienced and qualified lawyers will assist you throughout the primary and review application process.  

Our multilingual lawyers offer assistance on a broad spectrum of immigration matters. 

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employer sponsored visa

Australian employers have for many years relied on skilled and qualified overseas employees to fulfil skill shortages in their business. There are a range of temporary and permanent Employer Sponsored visas available which allow foreign workers to be sponsored by an Australian employer and work in Australia.

The process can often be very confusing and complicated, as well as time consuming. That's why we sit down with the Sponsoring employers and foreign worker to best understand each party’s needs, devise a strategy that works for them, and assist them throughout the process.

Most importantly, with many employer sponsored visas, there are various conditions and obligations which both the sponsor and employee must comply with throughout the duration of the sponsorship and visa validity period, respectively. We strip away the legal jargon from a strict regulatory and compliance framework, and provide simplified, yet comprehensive advice to ensure that at all times, the sponsors and employees meets their obligations.


There are a number of business visa options for those who wish to invest, purchase, establish, manage and/or conduct businesses in Australia. There are both short-term and long-term visas which in most cases, provide a pathway for Australian permanent residency.

We provide comprehensive advice and service to assist with identifying the best visa to suit your business purposes. The most important factors to consider include business activity type, type of investment, level of hands on involvement in the operations of the business, and length of stay.


Are you looking to join your family or have your family join you in Australia? There are a range of partner, spouse, parent and child visas which enable loved ones to be reunited together.


Australia is a favoured destination for international students from all around the world. Australian universities and tertiary institutions are among the most prestigious and offer high-quality education, while students still enjoy a balanced lifestyle in one of the world's most liveable cities.

The Student Visa program has recently undergone a restructure and has adopted a more streamlined approach. Now with a single student visa subclass, all international students, regardless of whether they intend to study in a primary/secondary school, vocational, tertiary or post-graduate studies, must apply for a Subclass 500 visa.

Before an application for a student visa can be made, the visa applicant must have been accepted to study full-time in a registered course at an educational institution in Australia. However, depending on the education sector, country of passport, and education provider, some visa applicants may be required to provide additional evidentiary documents to satisfy the requirements for the grant of a student visa.


The skilled migration visa program is targeted at skilled workers who have either Australian or overseas qualifications. The application is a two-stage process. Unlike other visa programs to Australia, skilled visa applicants must first submit an expression of interest and through a skills selection program, may only lodge their visa application upon invitation.

There are a range of different criteria that must be met, including nominating an occupation that is on the current Skilled Occupation List and obtaining the requisite score on the skilled points test.


There are various visitor visa options available to genuine tourists, those visiting family and friends, and even business people who wish to undertake short term business related activities.

A very important aspect to be aware of, and which affects most visitor visas, is the visa condition relating to work. Unless exemptions apply, all visitor visa holders will not be permitted to "work", which is defined by the Migration Regulations as "an activity that, in Australia, normally attracts remuneration." That means that, even if the visitor visa holder is undertaking activities on a volunteer basis without receiving payment, if a person in Australia would ordinarily be paid for performing that activity, irrespective of whether the visitor visa holder is actually getting paid, it would still be deemed as ‘work' and therefore, not permissible.

appeals and reviews

A visa refusal or cancellation is never a great outcome. However, it does not necessarily mean immediate forced departure or removal from Australia. Most decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs are reviewable, however, this must be done within a limited timeframe.

Often the first step is an appeal to the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), formerly known as the Migration Review Tribunal/Refugee Review Tribunal. The AAT may make one of three decisions: remit the application back to the Department of Home Affairs for further processing, affirm the original decision, or replace the original refusal decision with an immediate grant. In limited circumstances, further judicial review processes may be available to those whose applications were affirmed by the AAT.