visitor visa


Subclass 600 - Visitor Visa

The subclass 600 visa is the standard visa which permits visits to Australia for either personal or business purposes for up to three, six or 12 months. The cost of a subclass 600 visa may be as low as $135 AUD, however, depending on the country of passport, there may be cheaper visitor visas available.

Subclass 601 - Electronic Travel Authority

Similar to the subclass 600 visa, the subclass 601 also permits visits to Australia for either personal or business purposes, however, is only available to passport holders of certain countries.  This visa permits entry on multiple occasions for up to a year, however, each stay may only be up to three months at a time.

Although the subclass 601 visa is free, there is a service fee attached of $20 AUD.

Subclass 651 - eVisitor Visa

There are a number of European countries whose passport holders are entitled to apply for the subclass 651 free of charge. Upon entry into Australia this visa enables visits for up to three months within a 12 month period, however, visa applicants must be outside of Australia at the time of lodgment and grant.