What are the requirements for an Australian Parent Visa?

What are the requirements for an Australian Parent Visa?

If you’ve decided to make your home in Australia but your parents are overseas, they can come and live here on a parent visa. There are two caterogries of parent visa:

  • Australian Contributory Parent Visa (CPV)

  • Australian Parent Visa (PV)


A CPV requires applicants to make a significant contribution to their future health and welfare costs. It’s much more expensive than a PV, but there’s also a lot more places available. You can have a temporary (2 year) or permanent CPV.


Parents visas are more expensive to apply for than CPVs. They’re also available as temporary or permanment visas.


Both categories of parent visa have basic requirements. A successful applicant must:

  • Meet the balance of family test (this test determines the presence of family in Australia vs other countries)

  • Have an assurance of support once in Australia

  • Meet health and character requirements

  • Have a sponsor (usually the child, but it can be an orgnisation linked to the family)

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