Why you should choose a Property Solicitor instead of a Conveyancer?

Why you should choose a Property Solicitor instead of a Conveyancer?

If you’re buying or selling property, then you’re probably aware that there’s a lot of paperwork involved. Because transferring property ownership is a complex transaction involving a number of taxes and laws, this paperwork is done by professionals. These professionals can be either property solicitors or conveyancers.


A conveyancer is someone who helps you with the rules, regulations and paperwork involved in the transfer of property ownership.

A conveyancer has typically had experience in property law before gaining their license. They require either an advanced diploma or associate degree in law or conveyancing.

Conveyancers are often capable of doing a great job and they generally charge less than lawyers or solicitors.



In order to practice as a lawyer in Australia, you have to:

  • Complete a law degree

  • Complete a 1-year traineeship with a law firm or 6-12 months of practical legal training

  • Successfully apply for admission to legal practice

  • Complete supervised legal practice for 18-24 months

A solicitor must have extensive knowledge in not only conveyancing law, but other laws surrounding the purchase or selling of property. Divorce law and tax laws, for example, are often involved in buying or selling property.

A solicitor’s extensive expertise means that they can deal with your issue holistically. Solicitors are often recommended for more complex transactions for this reason.


If you’ve previously worked with a solicitor, it’s a good idea to maintain that relationship, especially as your solicitor would already hold your original title of ownership if you’re selling.


Conveyancers have minimal obligations in terms of your security compared to solicitors. Solicitors are obliged to keep your records very safe – they specialise in dealing with sensitive information.


When you choose a solicitor, you’re guaranteed piece of mind. Whatever the process throws up, however complex the transaction, whatever other issues your personal affairs may raise, you can be sure that a solicitor is qualified to deal with your situation. The higher the stakes are in conveyancing, the better an idea it is to use a solicitor.

A solicitor is a great option for your conveyancing needs. While they might be a bit more expensive than a conveyancer, the expertise and safety of going with a solicitor will ensure a smooth process for your property sale or purchase.